Thursday, March 14, 2013

Craft March: Project 8 - "I Adore You"

Yup, I really do ;)

*Sigh* its been a very long, very busy and a very tiring week so far, alhumdolillah. I had completed this project on Sunday or Monday, but just didn't get a chance to post. So without further delay, I give you Project 8 - I Adore You!

The beauty of this card lies in the white roses. Each rose is hand made using the Tim Holtz die; the largest with 7 layers, medium with 6 and small with 3. The flourish in the background is white chipboard, and the cardstock is from Memory Box. I don't remember the exact name of the pa because two of Memory Box stacks got mixed somehow, and now I cant remember which is which. The little 'dew drops', I don't know what to call these. They aren't exactly rhinestones, but something on those lines. The dew drops were inspired by Erum Tasneem's cards - her recent collection has bursts of glitter balls, and bling and they look really nice. Added some trim to give the card 'the complete look.'

I wanted the roses to be pure white. I simply shaped the petals without using any ink or paint on them.

The tag is layered too.

thats all folks!

Happy Crafting

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