Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Miss

Peace be with you!

Hoping all of you are doing well and are busy crafting :) I have been really busy last week...and so was unable to post the Wonderful Wednesday project. Infact, I have been so occupied that I did not get a chance to explore something new.

I will definitely try and post next Wonderful Wednesday, but can't promise as there is a lot happening (multiple client projects in progress simultaneously). So this post was basically to update everyone on whats happening on this end.

Oh and I really wanted to take part in the scrapbook October challenge...but I just couldn't find time to complete my page. Though the deadline is tomorrow, and there is no way that I will be able to complete it ... I will be missing out on this challenge. BUT I hope to complete it soon and I promise to share it with you all once its complete. :)

So happy crafting and see you soon!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Butterflies in the Garden

Peace be with you!

It's time for our Wonderful Wednesday post once again. So without further delay, here it is!

This one is all about flowers, butterflies and birds :) and really there isn't much to explain about this one either.
Its a 4" dry embossed base, embellished with fresh green hand stamped paper, hot pink hand stamped doily, flowers and a bow. I used acrylic paint for the center stamp.

I've kept the bow very simple, because I wanted to keep the focus on the butterflies and the flowers.

Happy crafting!
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Acrylic Resist! Finally :D

Peace be with you!

I am really excited about sharing my newest project this Wonderful Wednesday. I finally got around to implement what I learnt from Beate's tutorial. I cannot begin to tell you how eagerly I looked forward to trying out the acrylic resist technique. Every week I planned to do it, and every time something came up...I just wasn't able to get down it, and then it happend! yay!!

Here is the first look; the beauty in all its glory.
I just love the end result!

So basically all you need for this particular card is white cardstock; yup, that is correct, just plain white card stock (you can of course use whatever you like, the point is that you can make something like this with just the basics). I did not use any colored paper, or patterned paper time; just distress inks and acrylic paint.

This is a square card, the stamped with inkadinkado (that is such a cute name :D), and inked with Tim Holtz's distress inks. I used the same stamp for the base as well as the petals :). Here is a close up of the flower, it is the same 13 petal flower used for the earlier for the Simple 3D card, slightly altered this time to go with the theme.

I used vintage photo and wild honey for the flower, and worn lipstick for the base. Worn lipstick as you know is a bit on the darker side, and that is one of the reasons why I used it. I wanted to give the card a warm feel, but did not want it to be really dark; so worn lipstick was applied in circular strokes with medium pressure. When working on the flower, you would want to stamp and color the cardstock before cutting out the petals; its much easier that way. Oh, and incase you are wondering about what lies in the center ... well that is puff paint :) pretty puff paint. hehe

Here is a close up of the faux stitch... doesn't that look awesome! I explored with puff paint this time, and it turned out great...I think it looks so much better than the one done with gel pen; but chances of messing up when using puff paint are a lot higher too. 

And that is about it!
Happy happy crafting! (must try acrylic resist ;) )

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Card for Every Season

Peace be with you!

It is Wonderful Wednesday and I have another of my creations to share with you. I call it the "Every Season" card, simply because of the sentiment used :D. So here is what it looks like:

Isn't it a beauty! and no, you cannot say it aint ;)

So this card is very very different from any of the cards that I have done so far, with respect to the colors and sentiments used. What I like best about this piece is that it can be used for any occassion and it can be given to anyone, young or old :)

I started off with a 4 x 5.75 inch folded white card stock and distressed the edges. The distressing was kept very light because I wanted the center piece to stand out. So, once distressed the based was layered with yellow cardstock to give it dimension.

Then I set this piece aside and began working on the center piece. Started with dry embossing the center piece, and then filling in the color with a light and dark tone of the same shade. For this card I have used "Vintage photo" and "Antique Linen" distress inks. You will start with the lighter shade.

When you get the desired effect, stamp the sentiment. Usually, one stamps before dry embossing, but in this case we do it the other way round. Its totally up to you how you want to do it, I just liked it better this way.

Once the base is ready, you can paste it on to the partially completed card or, you can add some fancy sentiments to it like I have done here.
I made this myself using ribbon, flowers, beads and a brad :) Love how it turned out. All you need to do is to make a 6 loop bow, secure it. Then take flowers of your choice and secure them on the bow as desired; and cover the center with a brand or button. The one I used here is embossed metal. I love it :). Beads at the base of the flowers are optional...i just added them in to give it a finishing touch.

So adhere the sentiment on the embossed card stock first and then adhere that to the base. And your beautiful card will be ready  :)

Happy crafting!
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