Saturday, June 14, 2014

Scrapbook: Baby Girl

My first post for this month is about a Baby Girl themed scrapbook which was successfully completed and couriered to the client, at a time when havoc struck my beautiful city. That is the beauty of Karachi, it never stops, keeps going!
Well, coming back to the post, so here it is!
 The lettering on the cover is chipboard, which has been inked and glittered.

The Highlights

The Tooth Book 

So this time round, instead of spreading the "tooth chronicles" across the page, I designed and then stitched together this little tooth book, which has ample space to not just note dates, but, other interesting details too. It can be removed and placed back easily.

The Booties!

And how could a baby girl scrapbook be complete without the little booties! Added a pair of two 1" booties to the milestones. It is difficult working with such a small size, but I managed. Embellished them with dusty pink, inked flowers, and white rhinestones.


The Bath

There just had to be a page dedicated to the first bath with all the little ducks and bubbles. 
Once again the frame is removable and has room for a picture, and a journalling tag.

The Complete Scrapbook

And that's not all folks!

The Bag

The beautiful bag for presenting the scrapbook

and that is about it!
Thank you for all the love,
Happy Crafting!

Sharing the love recieved :)

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