Sunday, February 26, 2017

Project Babushka

I take delight in experimenting, working with new mediums, and trying out new things (and by new things I mean, things that I have not worked with before). It is for this reason that I am blessed with the opportunity of working on a whole bunch of unusual projects, alhumdolillah. Today, I will be sharing one such project, Project Babushka!

This project rolled out sometime in September 2016, and as much as I wanted to make this part of my "year in review" post, I couldn't -- because I never got around to writing one, ha!

So the requirement was basically to customise babushka dolls, as giveaways for a surprise party being hosted in Russia. Sounds pretty simple, -- but its not that simple.

The first step was to find the plain dolls; my first preference was to get them from somewhere within the city/country. But that didn't work out, so they had to be imported. When I opened the carton, I realized that I had to do a lot more than I had expected.

Step 2 involved sanding each and every doll individually. This was THE most time consuming, yet integral, step of the project as this was the only way to make the top fit the base, perfectly.

Next up was the process of customization. I was provided high resolution pictures, which I had to edit, -- adding / removing people, superimposition the bodies etc. This was fun, and I was impressed with my Photoshop skills! lol.  Each nested doll was meant to have 1 custom picture, except for the largest and smallest, which had 2 pictures each.

*the faces have been blurred for privacy- incase you were wondering*

With the images ready and printed it was time to layer them onto the dolls - decoupage basically.
This was a bit tricky because of the babushka doll's shape, and also because these were nested, so the image had to split in two, such that the joint isn't very visible.
The last step was to seal them with varnish.

And that was project Babushka, handmade in Pakistan!

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