Wednesday, December 19, 2012


So far December has been extremely inspirational with me wanting to constantly experiment with flowers. These roses were triggered by an order where the client wanted to embellish the favors with white flowers. I am self being extremely fond of white roses, was thus inspired to make some at 2 am last night (yes that is what happens when I get that creative urge :D )! for my ownself :)

I found this extremely wonderful freebie at Ellinee Journal which I used as the base of my project. I made some alterations to the template as I proceeded just to give the rose that 'look' that I found satisfactory. If my work inspires you to make some of your own, do share your creations with us!

The template has been posted by Lia as a PDF, so if you want to give it a try, hop on over there and give it a shot. These turn out absolutely gorgeous!  
*Please note that the template is for personal use ONLY*

Since I adore the end product I am sharing a few pictures with you all. I will be making more in red though; as soon as I have some time. But for now, enjoy!

Artistically placed at my work desk :D

And did I mention that these were really big! they are about 4" across and 2" high!

Beauties posing for a picture!

If you need any help on these, write in!

These are a must try so enjoy!
Happy Crafting!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Furthering the Good Will

Early December a Give-Away was announced by Many Happy Returns at the launch of their blog, Artful crafting. I was amongst the, approximately, 40 craft enthusiasts who participated, but sadly did not win. As I stopped by to congratulate the winners, I saw the following post by Shereen:
I CAN'T bear to see you SAD. What can I do, I'm a softie. So All of you SAD people cheer up i'm going to send each of you 1, Many Happy Returns 6x6 paper pack...
Needless to say it made my day, and I am sure it brought a smile to the others too. So the stack I got was named "Little Sunshine"; basically themed for a baby boy in shades of blue, yellow and green. I loved the stack, and decided to incorporate it in my newest project "Hand Crafted Flowers" for Favors & More. (You can read up on this project here)

There was no way that was I going to incorporate these in my project and not further the good will. So upon completion of the first set, I announced a quick quiz; whoever guessed the stack using which these blossoms were made, gets a set as a gift from us. With the first correct answer posted, by Sundus Mariya within 15 mins of the announcement, the quiz was over soon. Short and sweet!

Here is how I used the stack:

If you are interesting in purchasing these; email;

These are designed especially for paper crafting projects such as scrapbooks, cards etc:
Size: 1" and 1.75"
Price: PKR 250 for a set of 6.

To view other products visit Favors & More
Happy Crafting!


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Love, Grow, Cherish!

The three magical, yet extremely powerful words set the theme for the card that I made for a very special fellow crafter, Shereen Aftab. 

When one is designing something for a client, there are many factors that one has to be mindful of, and at many times these factors curtail our creativity. But designing simply for the love of crafting is a totally different ball game. 

I love designing using numerous elements, mixed media and several techniques; all of which is visible in this tag/card. I went all out with this one!

The base is in the tones of Off white, and the second layer is from Vintage Vogue (tones of grey) from Many Happy Returns. So basically the colors used here are soft, and simple- Pink, off white and grey.

I started working on this from the base, using 4 different sizes of flowers. The largest was made using the DCWV Black Currant stack (and yeah, if you have been a regular follower of my blog you must have figured by now that this is one of my favorite stacks). Arranging the flowers was the most challenging part of this entire project followed by positioning the Prima Swirls. But I managed both tasks successfully and was happy with the result.

No card is complete without a pretty little butterfly- had to add one here.

So once everything was put together, I held in my hand a beautiful masterpiece that was all set to travel.

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


As many develop a taste for paper crafting in Pakistan, not everyone has access to all the tools and techniques; and even if they do manage to find what they are looking for, not everyone wants to spend that kind of money to acquire the required supplies. So to facilitate the newbies and help the old-bies cut down on time ..(hehe).. I worked on some flowers which can be used on projects.

These Aged Flowers with rhinestone centers, come in a pack of six with sizes ranging from 2" to 1"; these consists of 2-3 layers of petals, are distressed, inked, stamped, and molded to give them an aged look. All you have to do is peel them off the backing and stick them onto your project! and you are good to go.
Each pack of 6 is priced at PKR 250
currently available in:
To order email; Shipment option available.
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