Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Scalloped Petal Flower

Can't believe that January is nearly over, and we have only 11 days of CraftyKickstart16 left! Today I am sharing a super easy tutorial on how you can make the above scalloped petal flower. It is easy to make, and is simple yet very unique.

You will need:
4 scalloped squares, (2 large, 1 medium, and 1 small)

5 scalloped square
I die cut the scalloped squares seen above, in 3 different sizes. You basically need 2 large scalloped squares, 1 medium scalloped square, and 1 small scalloped square.

Inked Edges
Next you need to ink the edges using a color which is a shade darker than the cardstock. Ink all the edges, of all the 4 scalloped squares.

The Folds
Once the edges have been inked, take on scalloped square and fold it in half. Then take the folded piece, and fold it in half again, so basically you've creased the square in quarters. Repeat this with all the four scalloped squares.

It is now time to give the quarters a petal shape.

Angled cuts
Unfold the quarter to half, and snip off the folded edges as seen in the above picture.  
Note: Do not cut all the way to the center. You must leave an approximate 0.5" space in the center, this will keep all the 4 petals intact, else they will fall apart.

Cutting the other edges
Unfold and refold to shape the other two sides, in the same fashion. The above picture shows how it should look at this stage. Repeat these steps for all the other pieces.

The shaped petals
The scalloped squares, should look like petals now; something similar to the above picture. The petals are now ready to be shaped as shown in the video below.

Note: The largest two will be shaped from the wrong side, while the remaining 2 pieces will be shaped right side up.

This is how they look after being shaped

To form the flower, the layers of petals need to be stacked and glued together, as shown in the video above.
Once glued together, I added some stamens to the center, and the flower was ready! [I didn't add stamens to the black one, but this one seemed incomplete without them.]

The final look
The top view.
That's all folks!
Happy Crafting!


  1. That is so cool! I think I should try this out. I know a flower made using circle scalloped punch. I think I should share it with everyone. 🌼 🌺

    1. That would be great Injela, go ahead and share =)

  2. I made one flower using heart shaped punch, long time ago. Guess i need to experiment more using other cool ideas. Yours is a unique idea too. Loved the end result. Mashallah.

    1. Thanks Dija! I made ones with the heart shaped petals too, long time back though. They transform into beautiful roses. Do share yours.

  3. Wow Saba I didn't know you could turn a simple scalloped square into beautiful flowers! I guess the fear of the unknown keeps one from experimenting. Will have to overcome a lot of fears. The mixed media gives me a fright too. Lol. Wonderful, inspiring post. Thanks :)

    1. Oh Sharooq, don't let the fear keep you from experimenting. Just gone with your heart ♡

  4. Awesome tutorial Saba! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Awww I don't want these daily super cool posts to end - how time flies, its nearly feb!

    and Jazakallah for this beautiful tutorial.

    1. Barakallah fi!
      Yup, January went by very quickly. =)

  6. so impressed!!! this was quite easy and interesting. I really want to get back to hand made flowers now! Loved it! :D

  7. wow this is super cool I have been wondering and looking for videos to make my own flowers and due to the following of ur blog from #craftykickstart16 I got to learn this ! Soo awesomee Thanks so much! :)

    1. I am delighted to read your comment Tehreem! so happy to know that you found it helpful. I had posted a couple of tutorials, on flower making, in the past too, you can go through those too if you like, might help.

    2. yes I will go through them too ! and will share the output ! :D Thanks :) great work :)

  8. Wow this is awesome...I love it... thanks for sharing

  9. Wow!! This is soo easy �� Now i need a scallop punch or die �� �� And then I'll be able to make this beautiful flower

  10. Saba loved the tutorial! The flowers are gorgeous and I especially loved the black ones!


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