Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cupcake Invites

Peace be with you!

I am so happy to be blogging..yay! and I know its not a Wednesday, but I'm posting to make up for the 3 Wonderful Wednesdays that were missed.

I have a great fun project to share with you all today...and its inspired by all the lovely cupcakes being baked; Cupcake Invites!

I've had this idea since forever but finally got some time to myself to execute it. Basically these are cute little cupcake style boxes, with 2.5" diameter and 4" to 6.5" in height.
The one above has a chocolate wafer base, with blueberry topping and vanilla icing embellished further with a tiny teddy, beetle, butterfly and flower. You see that wafer on the topping...

the wafer is the removable invite! Its big enough to hold all the essential information, cutely disguised as the wafer :D

The second cupcake is taller, and embellished with a bead centered flower.
Here too the invitation is disguised as the wafer, and the tall base is spacious enough to hold some candy, chocolates or anything similar.

The decoration options for these are endless, you can make them as simple or as elaborate as you want...its all up to you. They can be used as invitations for parties, or even as memorable announcements. When you are giving these to someone, you are ensuring that they remember the event for a life time because these cupcakes can be stored for as long as you want... they will never go bad ;)

Hope you liked this project, and hope it was worth the wait!

Happy crafting!

For further details email or visit Favors & More. You can also visit my card gallery.
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