Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Quilled Pram

Today's post is dedicated to give everyone an understanding of the amount of effort and time that goes into making all those cute little things for the tiny new comers; and in the process make clear why Favors & More's products are defined as 'Exclusively handcrafted'.

The focus will be on the Quilled Prams that we recently did on some 70+ baby boy announcement favors for a very happy mom-to-be.

It looks simple, with nothing much to it right? But when you actually get down to making these, it takes minimum 15 minutes on each pram -note: the time stated is just for the pram, does not include the assemby of favor boxes and other details-.

Please understand that nothing used on these prams (except for the acrylic pacifier) is ready made.

What we start off with is a plain sheet of cardstock -yes cardstock not paper-; and cut it into the desired shape. We end up with something like this -reminds me of pac man :) -

Once that is done, each piece is individually dry embossed by hand. Which takes times ofcourse, but gives the desired detail.
The above was a bit difficult to capture, so this is the best the best pic.
Now that the simple part is over, we come to the quilling part. What we start off with are called quilling strips, over 220 in this case:

 Each of these is quilled to form the wheels, and the handle of the pram.

  Once that is done and the ends secured, the wheels are added to the prams
This is like 60% of the job done (with respect to the embellishment). After this, the prams are added the favor boxes, and further embellished with a bow, pacifier and handle. I was too tired to take pictures of those as I proceeded.

So you see, when at Favors & More we say 

'exclusively hand crafted' 

we mean it!

Here is the finished product:

and here is what makes it all worth it:
"Saba, the boxes are so adorable i love shows all the hardwork thank you so time i will be contacting for (other) themes inshallah" ~ Mrs. Arzak
Here are some other similar prams that we have done:

 According to my mom; "each is a piece of art"

Happy crafting! =)

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