Monday, April 22, 2013

Miss You Already: Stitching Cardstock Project


There comes a time in our life when we need to move away from our near and dear ones due to several reasons. Just the thought makes our heart sink and we begin counting the days, hours, minutes and finally seconds to the goodbye, which, part of us hopes would be short lived. This was the thought behind "Miss you already". 

Now the technical aspect, this ladies and gentlemen is the first project where I've actually stitched the cardstock by hand. A kind of "ring binding" type stitch on the right and straight simple one on the left. Taking into consideration all the effort that went into stitching, I have proudly entered this project into "Challenge #218 Stitching" being hosted by MTTC.

A closer look at the stitches and the sentiment, which is hand stamped and cut. A beautiful organza bow with an embossed anchor button center. 

Ample space to write your heart out! because there is always lots and lots to say when we are missing someone. =D

Well, that just leaves one more thing to say ... Happy Crafting ;)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Jazakallah Khair" (May Allah reward you with good) Card

At Favors & More there are, alhumdolillah, a whole lot of projects that I get to work on, and each is special in its own special way. Today I am sharing another recently completed special project.

Though this seems like a very simple card, there was a lot of thought and brain storming involved in making it.

When you are crafting something for someone, it always helps to know details about the purpose of the gift and a bit about the recipient. The fun part of this project was that I was given sufficient information about who this card was for, why it was being given to them and a general idea of the recipients likes.

What made this project challenging was:
i. The fact that it was for someone who did a deed purely for Allah's sake,
ii.The task of coming up with something, atleast, a fraction as beautiful as the sentiment specified,
iii. The task of graciously expressing gratitude, felt by the client, for the recipients very noble deed.

Just like every project, this one too required translating the clients love and gratitude through the final piece, but I wanted to go the extra mile on this project, simply because of the reason behind it. I wanted it to be unique and treasured.

The sentiment "Jazakallah Khair" had been specified by the client, so after much thought and contemplation I decided on the base color as off-white, to represent purity merged with warmth, and a hint of rose pink -pink for the lady. A butterfly to signify joy, flowers to show gratitude, and pearls for purity.


This has been one of the most satisfying projects that I have had a chance to work on. Extremely thankful to the All Mighty Allah, and my treasured clients for giving me an opportunity to be part of such extraordinary moments.

PS: I am posting this card as an entry to the "Challenge #217 'In The Sky' " too, as it meets the challenge requirements =)

Happy Crafting,

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Abstract Art by Zubayr Alikhan

My first post for the month of April '13 is dedicated to an absolutely brilliant 9 year old artist, Zubayr Alikhan. He loves to paint clay pots, and enjoys making cards for his loved ones. Sharing below an impressive master piece done by him.

I love the bright colors used, the blending of yellow, green, and mustard is just beautiful. I find this piece absolutely amazing and full of life.

Please note here that colors have not been photoshop-ed, this is how it looks in natural light.

As an Aunt (Khala) I am extremely proud of my little nephew Zubayr, whose work and ideas are often the source of inspiration for many of the projects that I do. Below is a flower he did using the Tim Holtz dies, its so simple and yet so beautiful.

Wishing him all the best and hoping that he does not ignore this talent as he grows older.

Happy Crafting!
*your comments will be passed on to him =)*

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