Saturday, April 13, 2013

Abstract Art by Zubayr Alikhan

My first post for the month of April '13 is dedicated to an absolutely brilliant 9 year old artist, Zubayr Alikhan. He loves to paint clay pots, and enjoys making cards for his loved ones. Sharing below an impressive master piece done by him.

I love the bright colors used, the blending of yellow, green, and mustard is just beautiful. I find this piece absolutely amazing and full of life.

Please note here that colors have not been photoshop-ed, this is how it looks in natural light.

As an Aunt (Khala) I am extremely proud of my little nephew Zubayr, whose work and ideas are often the source of inspiration for many of the projects that I do. Below is a flower he did using the Tim Holtz dies, its so simple and yet so beautiful.

Wishing him all the best and hoping that he does not ignore this talent as he grows older.

Happy Crafting!
*your comments will be passed on to him =)*

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