Thursday, February 21, 2013

From a Simple Shoe Box to a Beautiful Fluttery Storage Box

I strongly believe that "Scraps are a creative minds treasure" -my wise words.

If you are fond of crafting, and you craft frequently you will agree that storage space is never enough. I, for one, am always in need of boxes, shelves, trays etc to keep the work space organized. So when I purchased some shoes recently, I decided to put the show boxes to good use.

This project was done with scraps of completed projected. Nothing new was purchased for this alteration; it was kept simple and all it needed was:
-colored paper
-die cuts (optional)

To begin you need a box, this is what mine looked like:
This is a very sturdy corrugated box. If you look closely you will see 2 slits on the edges, these I wanted to weave ribbon through. *Note: when you begin working on any project it is always best to have a good understanding of what you would like the end product to be like* Because I had planned this project, I knew that when covering the box I had to keep the slits open.

Also I did not want a two piece box; this one was perfect as the lid is attached to the base.

A combination of lemon, yellow and white paper scraps and cardstock was used. The box was covered using yellow as the center, lemon on the sides and white to embellish. I had some left over pale yellow ribbon which was added for the bows.
Covering the box was relatively simple; just like wrapping a gift :) (If anyone needs a tutorial on that just email and i'll post one.)

Here is what it looked like once everything was done.

The inside:
You can see the ribbon going through the slits. Some die cuts added to make it pretty on the inside too :)
 To give it a neat finish the design was carried all the way to the back

And finally the front!

Now you see how useful scraps can be :)
From a simple shoe box to a beautiful fluttery storage box.

Happy crafting!

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