Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Platter Style Gift Wrap plus Wall Hanging

Most of you would agree that, at times, it is rather difficult to throw away the gorgeous wrapping within which gifts are presented, and that some times you just want to keep the wrapping with the gift as its all part of a very special moment.

I came up with the idea of the designing something functional and keepsake to hold some special gifts. Platter Style Gift Wraps is what I called it.

Set on a very firm base is a ring of flowers that holds the gift cosy.
Once the gift is removed the base can either hold a card or a message. The base can then be hung up and used as a wall hanging. I executed this idea on a client order and she loved it!

Happy Crafting People!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Scrapbook - All About Him

Hello wonderful people!
My post today is about a scrapbook that I recently completed for a client. What made this challenging for me was the request to use mostly Lime Green with a combination of other light colors. Usually guy stuff is blue and browns, but I think the end result was pretty satisfactory. I did add in a dash of brown, as I couldn't went so well with blue.. you know.. I had to give the lonely blue some brown company.

Did the cover in stripes, they seem to be my favorite these days. Also these reflect all the colors used inside, I like giving a preview of whats inside.

The page distribution was listed by the client, so I just went along with it. Adding lots of customized detail in the process. For example, one page was dedicated to his passion for photography, so I added a custom "Keep Calm" embellishment there with some cameras, tags and photo mats.

The next page was dedicated to his love for enjoying life! So I merged that with the passion for photography and added a Polaroid photo frame there, with some colorful, cheerful elements.

This scrapbook was inspired, as requested by the client, by the Graduation Scrapbook posted earlier. Lots of similar elements have been used in this album too. Will focus on whats different here. 

Special Touches

1. Tags with Pockets

Used tags with small pockets for the page dedicated to friends. This gives ample space to not only journal but add multiple pictures of beloved friends.
*Another very special touch is the background; plain cardstock, was handstamped, inked and finally sprinkled with green confetti to create a one-of-a-kind design*

2. Vellum Wings

Added handmade vellum wings to the page dedicated to "Dreams". This is the first time I used vellum for a scrapbook. Absolutely loved the results!

3. Customized Sentiments

Most of the sentiments used in this project were designed by me specially for this project. The Travel page holds most of them-- from the passport, to the boarding pass to the ID, its all custom. There are similar custom sentiments added all through the album.
Oh, and did I mention these were all removable! Lots of journaling space for all those fun trips!

The Complete Scrapbook

Presenting below the complete scrapbook! Lots of "Secret Journalling Spots", Removeable Tags, personalised sentiments, etc.

That's all! <well not really, there is lots more that I can go on and on about, but that'll be too much text to read :D >

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Graduation Scrapbook - Pink

Today, I have a very good reason to post -- after 6 months! and the reason is, a recently completed graduation plus pink themed scrapbook. There are a number of reasons why I want to talk about it, the first and foremost being that it was completed in no more than 24 hours! Impressive isn't it.

I love to take on challenges and when I was approached by the client requesting a scrapbook (along with a couple of other products) for a graduation ceremony, but being short of time (we had 4 days to roll out the order keeping a day for courier), I just took it on because this was going to be a very special occasion for their loved one. {and just FYI -- this does not mean that I can roll out orders on such short notices all the time :) , this was one of those one time things}

"The client called once they had received it and in their words "I am impressed with your work." They loved everything and were very happy, and I ofcourse was super happy to know that."

The requirements were very simple, it was for a girl, had to be pink and themed for graduation. There were two layouts that the client chose from our previously completed projects which they wanted incorporated in this scrapbook.

This was going to be a 6" chipboard scrapbook, bound with rings. (I got the base and rings from Many Happy Returns, love their prompt service)

Treating the alphas and leaving them to dry, was the first thing I did. Next I chose all co-ordinating cardstock and prepared the base layer for all 12 sides.

After that was done, I had a rough idea of how I was going to execute this and proceeded page by page. The ideas kept pouring in and the hands kept working :).

The Special Touches:

This entire scrapbook is very special, I made sure that there was lots of room for journalling and pictures.

1. The Booklet

On page one (the one on the left) a removable booklet was added where notes or comments or any kind of journalling regarding the framed picture (picture to be added) on the opposite page may be noted.
Each page on the booklet was hand stamped, and inked.  The booklet can be easily removed and placed back securely.

2. Removable Tags:

All the tags that you see in the scrapbook are removable. The blank ones are meant for photos while the others are meant for journalling, however, it is the the recipients wish how they would like to utilize them. An example here:

3. Secret Journalling Spots

Understanding that not everything is meant for everyone to read, "secret journalling spots" were added all through the album with magnetic closure or tricky closures that keep the contents a secret ;)

4. The Gown

The gown and cap - The one thing that differentiates a graduation ceremony from all the others. I diecut this chipboard dress form and adorned it with a dress (as this was meant for UK), a gown and cap -hand cut-. Oh, I added some pearls too; seemed incomplete without a string of pearls. Needless to say, I loved the result. The gown holds a removable tag securely in place.

The Complete Scrapbook:

had lots of fun working on this.

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Incorporating Paper Weaving In A Project

Above is the product of my recent love for weaving. This is a simple weave using heavy cardstock. Working on this reminded me of my school days (class 4) where during "Activity Class" we were taught how to weave glaze paper mats.
The base is offwhite, layered with a light blue which is hardly .25" on the side. Did not want a lot of blue showing on the sides, just a very thin outline.
Oval shaped floral arrangement, with a beautiful black butterfly in the center.

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

11th May 2013 - A Memorable Day

Before I start, just want to let everyone know that this post has nothing to do with crafting but everything to do with my experience as a first time voter.

Like everyone else we anxiously waited for 11th May 2013, the day we all hoped and prayed would bring a positive change for Pakistan. Come Saturday, all set to vote early morning, but the station was not functional (NA250). I'm not going to rant about all the mishaps, the rigging, malpractices etc, cause that's not what made the day memorable for me. What made the day memorable were the people at the polling station.

The turnout was amazing alhumdolillah! and everyone there was extremely motivated and enthusiastic. We witnessed people on stretchers, coming in to cast their vote, and everyone present began clapping from these voters from the time they entered the polling station till the time they left. Slogans of Pakistan zindabad echoed at intervals. There were special people who walked in just so that they could vote, and vote they did. Everyone who made an effort to vote on this blessed day was appreciated and encouraged by, none other than, fellow voters. People didn't go around asking who was voting for whom, it was all in good will.

There were elderly ladies and gentlemen, unable to walk or stand, yet they came on wheelchairs and crutches to cast their vote. And once again the crowd cheered them on. Willingly youngsters allowed the elderly to move up in queue.

We had been standing in the scorching heat for over 5 hours, and there were others in line who had been there even longer. Our feet hurt and don't even ask about our back :P , but no one was complaining, everyone was in high spirits, everyone was all for change. Citizens brought in snacks and water, and distributed them to those in line. These were all acts of kindness, and goodwill.

There was a wonderful lady standing infront of me in the line, with her kids, her son inquired why they had to stand here for so long? (it was 6 pm at that time), my sister responded
"Your mommy is standing here so that when you grow up, you don't have to stand in line for this long, inshallah."

This was the sentiment; we were all there for change.

I got the ballot papers at 8pm, and finally cast my vote at 8:05pm.  

No one can deny that this election was the biggest, and no one can deny that the slogan for change was what motivated everyone to step out and do whats right. These were by far the most mismanaged and rigged elections in the history of Pakistan. BUT with all said and done, I am glad I played my part, and happy to have taken a positive initiative.

"I voted for the betterment of my country"

Monday, April 22, 2013

Miss You Already: Stitching Cardstock Project


There comes a time in our life when we need to move away from our near and dear ones due to several reasons. Just the thought makes our heart sink and we begin counting the days, hours, minutes and finally seconds to the goodbye, which, part of us hopes would be short lived. This was the thought behind "Miss you already". 

Now the technical aspect, this ladies and gentlemen is the first project where I've actually stitched the cardstock by hand. A kind of "ring binding" type stitch on the right and straight simple one on the left. Taking into consideration all the effort that went into stitching, I have proudly entered this project into "Challenge #218 Stitching" being hosted by MTTC.

A closer look at the stitches and the sentiment, which is hand stamped and cut. A beautiful organza bow with an embossed anchor button center. 

Ample space to write your heart out! because there is always lots and lots to say when we are missing someone. =D

Well, that just leaves one more thing to say ... Happy Crafting ;)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Jazakallah Khair" (May Allah reward you with good) Card

At Favors & More there are, alhumdolillah, a whole lot of projects that I get to work on, and each is special in its own special way. Today I am sharing another recently completed special project.

Though this seems like a very simple card, there was a lot of thought and brain storming involved in making it.

When you are crafting something for someone, it always helps to know details about the purpose of the gift and a bit about the recipient. The fun part of this project was that I was given sufficient information about who this card was for, why it was being given to them and a general idea of the recipients likes.

What made this project challenging was:
i. The fact that it was for someone who did a deed purely for Allah's sake,
ii.The task of coming up with something, atleast, a fraction as beautiful as the sentiment specified,
iii. The task of graciously expressing gratitude, felt by the client, for the recipients very noble deed.

Just like every project, this one too required translating the clients love and gratitude through the final piece, but I wanted to go the extra mile on this project, simply because of the reason behind it. I wanted it to be unique and treasured.

The sentiment "Jazakallah Khair" had been specified by the client, so after much thought and contemplation I decided on the base color as off-white, to represent purity merged with warmth, and a hint of rose pink -pink for the lady. A butterfly to signify joy, flowers to show gratitude, and pearls for purity.


This has been one of the most satisfying projects that I have had a chance to work on. Extremely thankful to the All Mighty Allah, and my treasured clients for giving me an opportunity to be part of such extraordinary moments.

PS: I am posting this card as an entry to the "Challenge #217 'In The Sky' " too, as it meets the challenge requirements =)

Happy Crafting,

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Abstract Art by Zubayr Alikhan

My first post for the month of April '13 is dedicated to an absolutely brilliant 9 year old artist, Zubayr Alikhan. He loves to paint clay pots, and enjoys making cards for his loved ones. Sharing below an impressive master piece done by him.

I love the bright colors used, the blending of yellow, green, and mustard is just beautiful. I find this piece absolutely amazing and full of life.

Please note here that colors have not been photoshop-ed, this is how it looks in natural light.

As an Aunt (Khala) I am extremely proud of my little nephew Zubayr, whose work and ideas are often the source of inspiration for many of the projects that I do. Below is a flower he did using the Tim Holtz dies, its so simple and yet so beautiful.

Wishing him all the best and hoping that he does not ignore this talent as he grows older.

Happy Crafting!
*your comments will be passed on to him =)*

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Craft March Challenge 2: Saba's Project

The theme was Vintage.
The thought behind this layout: The acrylic lock signifies the cherished memories locked in time, remnants of which are held within this 5" keepsake box
Its done is tones of pink and brown with lots of embellishments mounted on a rose paper base.

The letters were done using stamps followed by distressing the edges and all. 
The envelope was plain and I added the cherish sentiment to it. I got the print as a free printable, which I folded to form an envelope. 
On the top I added a metal filigree; I've had this since forever and I love it.

Organza ribbon added round the edges. You can also see that the entire box has been distressed and aged to go with the theme.

Happy Crafting!

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