Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Year in Review - 2014

Looking out the window, admiring nature with a nice hot cup of ginger tea in hand, thoughts about how speedily the year flew by stormed me, and so I decided to blog. (The "Flame of the Forest" actually triggered it all, no idea why)

2014 began with some "Crafty" wins Alhumdolillah; Country View Challenges announced me as the winner for the January challenge (there were 181 entries), and so I was their guest designer for March. As a gift I received the wonderful spellbinder border dies, some ink and faux stitching tools. So in love with everything! and thank you Country View Crafts once again.
February was no less, my work was selected amongst the Top 5 at Crafty Card Makers and More, and the blog was decorated with their wonderful badge.

Collage of the winning projects- Jan

Things got relatively busy by this time and I was traveling for work (eLearning, the other thing that I do), giving me little to no time to craft, however Favors & More continued to roll out personalized gifts, baby announcements and party favors etc. ordered.

By the time I got a breather, it was September already, Haha! what a joy ride it was. There was good news once again Alhumdolillah, I was selected at WomenX as one of the most enterprising women, and my project was Favorited at Craft Hoarders Anonymous.
Red and White explosion box

That wasn't all, it was this sweet September that we at Favors & More introduced "Little Miss Tea Pot" which came with customized tea bags. Much loved and admired,  Little Miss Tea Pot soon met Mama Tea Pot designed for a bridal shower.
Mama Tea Pot and Little Miss Tea Pot

As orders continued to roll, and things got busy, I managed to take a break today only to realize that the year had gone by. Staying busy is a blessing alhumdolillah, and I enjoy every bit of what I do.

Most Admired Project- 2014
"Little Miss Tea Pot", though introduced nearing the end of the year has been one of the most intriguing and admired projects for this year. These beauties were nearly sold-out at The Crafters Expo 2014 too. The best and cutest part was that not only did the ladies want to hold them, but the gentlemen too were attracted to them. They held it, asked what its made of, opened the lid to see how it was done, and showered some compliments.
At exhibitions I usually witness instances where men literally drag away the ladies from the stall, in an effort to prevent them from over shopping, however this time, the men actually called the ladies over to the stall to show them the tea pot! =D

Little Miss Tea Pot - in soft Pink

Most Memorable Request 2014
Through 2014 I have received some very emotional and gratifying emails/messages, the most striking and memorable of which was the one where a returning client, fearing loss of their life, asked me to design something that not only translates their love for their soon to arrive baby, but reminds the child of them in their absence too...  It left me speechless.

Most Challenging Project - 2014
When your clients are creative, you are blessed with opportunities to test your creative capabilities, explore and execute. This concept was provided by the client, I simply executed it. And packing it for shipping was equally challenging. Enjoyed working on it, nonetheless!
Photo wreath

I have met wonderful people all through this year, in person and via the web, and look forward to a busy 2015 inshallah. We already have some wonderful projects lined up :)
Take care,
Happy Crafting!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Once Upon a Time...

In my opinion, the "Once Upon a Time" stack from DCWV is one of the most beautiful stacks I have seen. Though it is pretty old, I have always loved it and admired the projects done by fellow crafters using it. I finally had a chance to work with it late October, and loved the finished project.
The theme, as narrated by the client, was a bride's-to-be life journey. Since at some stage in life, every girl believes that she is a princess, and one day her knight in shining armor will sweep her off her feet, I decided to give this scrapbook a royal, yet aged look and feel. You will notice that I have not used rings to bind this album, that is because I felt rings would not go with the theme. So basically, I inked the cardstock to make it seem like wood, and used it as the spine cover. I further embellished the spine with intricately cut "hinges" (designed by me), and, a stained metal and acrylic charm.

I designed a font for the cover, and heat embossed the background. Each alphabet is coated to give a glossy finish.

Now for some of the very special details;
Above is a close-up of one of the photo mats. Its a gorgeous castle; I simply highlighted the details to make them prominent. A floral arrangement done for the pocket.

A side pocket embellished with handmade pennants, beige lace, and dull gold zigzag ribbon. The pocket holds a beautiful foliage tag, with highlighted details and a castle in the background.

The frame above was an off-white paper die cut which I received as a gift (about a year or two back). I decided to use it here because the details were in-line with the theme.  For starters, I had to trim some of it to fit the page, then I heat embossed it in gold. I used UTEE in center, and rhinestones for details. The frame was then layered on to heavy cardstock. It holds three tags which too have been heat embossed in gold.

Some fairy themed tags above.

And last but not the least, the pages:

Happy crafting!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Being Part of WomenX Pakistan

This post is not about a new project that I've completed or am working on, but to share a little something with which I have been involved lately.

A little background for perspective: Favors & More is my business venture which launched in 2010, with its key feature being, "exclusive hand crafted" products. With a little bit of creativity, lots of love and attention to detail we create memorable products for our clients. Since the business is young and growing rapidly, we can use some guidance/help, and so when my sister heard of this program she insisted that I apply, and I applied just a day before the deadline = D. After a few days it was humbling to receive an email which read (extract below):

"I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to join the inaugural WomenX Cohort in Karachi. With a pool of hundreds of talented women entrepreneurs, you were recognized by our panel as one of the 50 enterprising women to be invited to join the first WomenX Cohort..."

And soon I found myself standing with 50 amazingly talented entrepreneurs, each a source of inspiration in their own right.

Our session began with introductions and it was amazing to discover that the nature of businesses ranged from furniture, ladies accessories, to education, right through to IT and engineering.  Everyone extremely focused and determined.

Amongst us were ladies who "stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow their way, adjusted their sails." Ladies who started with nothing, no formal business education (and in some cases no education at all), finances or references, but were now running full fledged successful businesses. Each and everyone brings a wealth of knowledge to each session and there is tons that we learn from each other.

Our knowledge is further enriched with discussions on relevant case studies, formal business models and interactions with successful Pakistani entrepreneurs who are invited to share their experiences with us.

A special thanks to 'IBA CED' and 'Enclude', who have done a brilliant job in organising this World Bank funded program.

Already a few sessions into the program, and looking forward to more.
(Photo Credits: WomenX organisers)


Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Floral Exploding Box!

One of my recently completed projects; A floral themed exploding box in red and white, which has been entered into Challenge #15 - All The Pretty Flowers hosted by Craft Hoarders Anonymous

(Working on this project sent me down memory lane! oh how I had struggled with my first exploding box project back then... It had to be elaborate, had to have 3 layers, butterflies and what not.  :D )

So as you can tell by the top, I used tons of flowers on the project along with floral cardstock, and punches too.

Once the lid is removed the box "explodes" to reveal 27 which too has been set in flowers. Lots of roses, rose buds along with leaves and vines.

Inside are hershey kisses, which too have been embellished with punched out white flowers and leaves. Not to forget all the embossed floral layers and tags =)

Hope you find this inspiring!
Happy Crafting

Thursday, July 24, 2014

And the Birds were Angry!

I finally had the opportunity of working with the famous Angry Birds, and boy were they angry! hehe.

Mini books for little guys, in blue and yellow. Each mini has around 6 pockets and a total of 14 tags.

Using the paper piecing technique, each custom tag is themed according to the characters of the game.

The pages are plain, as requested by the client, with some Angry Bird themed dimensional on each

These mini books come in customized Angry Bird themed bags. :)



That's all Folks!
(Please direct order related queries to, thank you!)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Scrapbook: Turquoise and Peach

Sharing with you today, a scrapbook done for an 18 year old, whose favorite colors are peach and turquoise.
I used cardstock from the Authentique Classique: Elegant stack, combined with some peach cardstock,  mainly from the Rustic stack. The resin frame is from Prima, while the blooms are hand made, by yours truly.

I had decided on Authentique Classique Elegant for this project, which was recently released, but did not realize that finding the 12 x12 Authentique Classique Elegant stack would be such an ordeal. Most of the vendors were carrying the 6x6 stack and the ones with the 12x12 weren't shipping to Pakistan. Very thankful to Artful Crafting for having this shipped in through their vendors in time for me to complete the project.

So below are some closeups of the completed scrapbook.

I absolutely love this design and wanted into incorporate it in a manner that it doesn't look too blank and blends with the theme, which was basically turquoise and peach. So I colored the flowers and added a hand stamped and cut butterfly to it for detail.

Below is another gorgeous cardstock design which I used on the pages themed for shopping. I added some makeup to it for detail.

Oh and the pocket, it holds some trendy tags. Below further details from the shopping themed pages.

Love those heels!

The above is dedicated to her passion for photography.

The above is a close up of a hand made/stitched passport style booklet, which can be used to note/record anything. 

The complete scrapbook follows:

Happy Crafting!

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