Friday, September 26, 2014

Being Part of WomenX Pakistan

This post is not about a new project that I've completed or am working on, but to share a little something with which I have been involved lately.

A little background for perspective: Favors & More is my business venture which launched in 2010, with its key feature being, "exclusive hand crafted" products. With a little bit of creativity, lots of love and attention to detail we create memorable products for our clients. Since the business is young and growing rapidly, we can use some guidance/help, and so when my sister heard of this program she insisted that I apply, and I applied just a day before the deadline = D. After a few days it was humbling to receive an email which read (extract below):

"I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to join the inaugural WomenX Cohort in Karachi. With a pool of hundreds of talented women entrepreneurs, you were recognized by our panel as one of the 50 enterprising women to be invited to join the first WomenX Cohort..."

And soon I found myself standing with 50 amazingly talented entrepreneurs, each a source of inspiration in their own right.

Our session began with introductions and it was amazing to discover that the nature of businesses ranged from furniture, ladies accessories, to education, right through to IT and engineering.  Everyone extremely focused and determined.

Amongst us were ladies who "stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow their way, adjusted their sails." Ladies who started with nothing, no formal business education (and in some cases no education at all), finances or references, but were now running full fledged successful businesses. Each and everyone brings a wealth of knowledge to each session and there is tons that we learn from each other.

Our knowledge is further enriched with discussions on relevant case studies, formal business models and interactions with successful Pakistani entrepreneurs who are invited to share their experiences with us.

A special thanks to 'IBA CED' and 'Enclude', who have done a brilliant job in organising this World Bank funded program.

Already a few sessions into the program, and looking forward to more.
(Photo Credits: WomenX organisers)


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