Thursday, May 16, 2013

Incorporating Paper Weaving In A Project

Above is the product of my recent love for weaving. This is a simple weave using heavy cardstock. Working on this reminded me of my school days (class 4) where during "Activity Class" we were taught how to weave glaze paper mats.
The base is offwhite, layered with a light blue which is hardly .25" on the side. Did not want a lot of blue showing on the sides, just a very thin outline.
Oval shaped floral arrangement, with a beautiful black butterfly in the center.

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

11th May 2013 - A Memorable Day

Before I start, just want to let everyone know that this post has nothing to do with crafting but everything to do with my experience as a first time voter.

Like everyone else we anxiously waited for 11th May 2013, the day we all hoped and prayed would bring a positive change for Pakistan. Come Saturday, all set to vote early morning, but the station was not functional (NA250). I'm not going to rant about all the mishaps, the rigging, malpractices etc, cause that's not what made the day memorable for me. What made the day memorable were the people at the polling station.

The turnout was amazing alhumdolillah! and everyone there was extremely motivated and enthusiastic. We witnessed people on stretchers, coming in to cast their vote, and everyone present began clapping from these voters from the time they entered the polling station till the time they left. Slogans of Pakistan zindabad echoed at intervals. There were special people who walked in just so that they could vote, and vote they did. Everyone who made an effort to vote on this blessed day was appreciated and encouraged by, none other than, fellow voters. People didn't go around asking who was voting for whom, it was all in good will.

There were elderly ladies and gentlemen, unable to walk or stand, yet they came on wheelchairs and crutches to cast their vote. And once again the crowd cheered them on. Willingly youngsters allowed the elderly to move up in queue.

We had been standing in the scorching heat for over 5 hours, and there were others in line who had been there even longer. Our feet hurt and don't even ask about our back :P , but no one was complaining, everyone was in high spirits, everyone was all for change. Citizens brought in snacks and water, and distributed them to those in line. These were all acts of kindness, and goodwill.

There was a wonderful lady standing infront of me in the line, with her kids, her son inquired why they had to stand here for so long? (it was 6 pm at that time), my sister responded
"Your mommy is standing here so that when you grow up, you don't have to stand in line for this long, inshallah."

This was the sentiment; we were all there for change.

I got the ballot papers at 8pm, and finally cast my vote at 8:05pm.  

No one can deny that this election was the biggest, and no one can deny that the slogan for change was what motivated everyone to step out and do whats right. These were by far the most mismanaged and rigged elections in the history of Pakistan. BUT with all said and done, I am glad I played my part, and happy to have taken a positive initiative.

"I voted for the betterment of my country"
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