Wednesday, September 16, 2015

ACDT Post: Inky Tag

Hello lovelies!
Challenge 6 is up, so hop over to Artful Crafting's blog and link up your projects.

So before I describe my project, which basically is a very simple inked tag, let me share my kit with you.

Ok, so I basically started by first adding a few drops of ink; Rasberry, Bottle and Cool Peri, onto the felt pad, after mounting it on the blending tool. Then, I randomly dabbed the ink all over the Alcohol Ink cardstock, till I was satisfied with the result. I then added some Silver mixative, in the same fashion, to further enhance the background. Once dry, I splattered some blending solution over it, then cut it to size, and used it as background for my tag.

For this awesome glittery heart, I just dabbed Rasberry over the glitter.

Stamped the sentiment, which looks embossed, even though it isn't.

and thats all folks!

Supply list:
Alcohol Inks: Rasberry, Bottle and Cool Peri 
Alcohol Ink Metallic Mixative: Silver
Alcohol Ink Cardstock
Blending Solution
Felt Pads
Rock Candy Glitter 

Happy Crafting


  1. Such a bright pop of color! love how you colored the glitter!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks Amna = ) Couldn't really capture the vibrant colour. (would you believe me if i told you that these pictures are unedited!? All I did was add the watermark, didn't touch the brightness etc at all. Amazing inks, these are!)

  2. oh wow... what a beautiful tag... loving all these gorgeous colours..
    Now I need to spend on some alcohol ink colours!!

    1. haha! thanks Amina, I sail in the same boat.. I have been planning my next order already = D

  3. Beautiful. And the glittery heart is super awesome.

    1. thank you! and you know what, it was the easiest to create.

  4. Replies
    1. yippe! capturing the colors on camera was such a task!


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