Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Platter Style Gift Wrap plus Wall Hanging

Most of you would agree that, at times, it is rather difficult to throw away the gorgeous wrapping within which gifts are presented, and that some times you just want to keep the wrapping with the gift as its all part of a very special moment.

I came up with the idea of the designing something functional and keepsake to hold some special gifts. Platter Style Gift Wraps is what I called it.

Set on a very firm base is a ring of flowers that holds the gift cosy.
Once the gift is removed the base can either hold a card or a message. The base can then be hung up and used as a wall hanging. I executed this idea on a client order and she loved it!

Happy Crafting People!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Scrapbook - All About Him

Hello wonderful people!
My post today is about a scrapbook that I recently completed for a client. What made this challenging for me was the request to use mostly Lime Green with a combination of other light colors. Usually guy stuff is blue and browns, but I think the end result was pretty satisfactory. I did add in a dash of brown, as I couldn't went so well with blue.. you know.. I had to give the lonely blue some brown company.

Did the cover in stripes, they seem to be my favorite these days. Also these reflect all the colors used inside, I like giving a preview of whats inside.

The page distribution was listed by the client, so I just went along with it. Adding lots of customized detail in the process. For example, one page was dedicated to his passion for photography, so I added a custom "Keep Calm" embellishment there with some cameras, tags and photo mats.

The next page was dedicated to his love for enjoying life! So I merged that with the passion for photography and added a Polaroid photo frame there, with some colorful, cheerful elements.

This scrapbook was inspired, as requested by the client, by the Graduation Scrapbook posted earlier. Lots of similar elements have been used in this album too. Will focus on whats different here. 

Special Touches

1. Tags with Pockets

Used tags with small pockets for the page dedicated to friends. This gives ample space to not only journal but add multiple pictures of beloved friends.
*Another very special touch is the background; plain cardstock, was handstamped, inked and finally sprinkled with green confetti to create a one-of-a-kind design*

2. Vellum Wings

Added handmade vellum wings to the page dedicated to "Dreams". This is the first time I used vellum for a scrapbook. Absolutely loved the results!

3. Customized Sentiments

Most of the sentiments used in this project were designed by me specially for this project. The Travel page holds most of them-- from the passport, to the boarding pass to the ID, its all custom. There are similar custom sentiments added all through the album.
Oh, and did I mention these were all removable! Lots of journaling space for all those fun trips!

The Complete Scrapbook

Presenting below the complete scrapbook! Lots of "Secret Journalling Spots", Removeable Tags, personalised sentiments, etc.

That's all! <well not really, there is lots more that I can go on and on about, but that'll be too much text to read :D >

Happy Crafting!

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