Saturday, January 9, 2016

Customize The Ribbons

Hello! Today I am sharing the second tip for CraftyKickStart16, and this one highlights how you can customize organza ribbons to match your projects.

All you need is:
- A Stamp
- Some Organza Ribbon
- Archival Ink (or any other permanent ink)

Start by inking your stamp well, and planning how you'd like the design to appear on the ribbon. I am using a 0.5" ribbon, and my stamp is around 2" in diameter, so to get most of the design on my ribbon, I will be aligning the edge of the stamp, to that of the ribbon (as shown below).

Aligning one side
Notice that I have placed my ribbon on a piece of scrap; doing so keeps the ink off your mat. Now, I will continue stamping by aligning the opposite ends.

Aligning the opposite side
You can continue stamping till you have covered the required length of the ribbon. When stamping, please bear in mind that since this is organza, the stamped image will not be as bright as, the one stamped on paper.

The result!
Once done, leave it to dry. This technique not only customizes the ribbon, but adds a lot of interest/life to the otherwise plain organza ribbon.

Sharing some pictures of projects where I have used this technique.
Stamped the organza and the tag with the same stamp here; see how well they match

This stamped a bit light, simply because of the design

But here you can see how clean the stamped image is.

So, I hope this inspires you enough to try it out for yourself!
PS: you can find the organza ribbon at a local craft store/ stationary shop; while the stamps and inks are available at Artful Crafting

Don't forget to visit The Creative Element, for some more inspiration, tomorrow.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Thats wonderful Saba! never thought of customizing ribbons before! thank you for sharing :)

  2. This is a great post! Applying it would surely give more personalized look to the projects. Will definitely give it a go In sha'a Allah. :)

    1. It looks great Sharooq, do try it, and share it too

  3. Such a nice technique. Thanks for sharing!

  4. the ribbons look so pretty... will definitely try this technique :)

  5. this will come in handy for sure. you girls are an awesome DT!

  6. love the idea, will try this
    thanks for sharing :)

  7. This is an awesome technique... thank u saba for sharing

  8. wow this is such an amazing idea! I am more shocked that it has been so much time doing this and I never got this idea! Looks so beautiful! You are a genius :)

    1. Aww thanks Tehreem! I hope you try it now =)


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