Monday, January 25, 2016

Creativity Is Your Strength

Yesterday, I was so engrossed in all the #craftykickstart16 posts shared by Amna, Amina, and Jaihan, that I totally forgot about my post, oops!

This week I wanted to share the "Our Story" album / scrapbook / memory book that I had worked on last year (a month back to be exact). Some of you might have already seen the cover, but I am sharing the complete version here.

The reason for sharing this scrapbook as part of #craftkickstart16, is to let all those fabulous creative people out there know, that your creativity is your biggest strength. Sometimes if you don't find supplies for something you are working on, don't panic, and do not give up. YOU, by the Grace of the Almighty, can create anything and everything you need for a project, that is what I strongly believe. This scrapbook was one such project.

Our Story was meant for documenting special moments of a soon to be married couple, and the colors requested were Gold, Off-white and Deep Red.

As most of you know, Artful Crafting saves the day, thanks to the wide range of products available at the webstore, but in this case there was no cardstock available in the requested colors. So, I began searching through the FB based craft stores, but no luck there either. Next, I began sifting through supplies posted on our craft community pages, and didn't find anything.

At this point, I knew what I had to do. With a few gold foil, and offwhite sheets already in my stash I began planning the layouts, and how I would like the pages to look. I decided to gold emboss the offwhite cardstock, and compliment the layers with foil washi tape, which I ordered from Artful Crafting. With some mixed media techniques, color bloom sprays, and washi tape I was able to complete this beautiful scrapbook.

As per the client:

Never forget that "Creativity is your strength!"
Happy Crafting!


  1. Sabaaaa its gorgeous. Seriously way more than just gorgeous. The way you planned the layouts, woww wow and WOW!!! I am the one always under panic attack when I couldnt find the appropriate paper line for my project. I always end up convincing the client to give me a LIL freedom to use the available colors. But you, my friend, has inspired me big time.
    I have a mini album in my to-do list that is inspired by Elena Morgun, i think I should start working on that before this craftkickstart magic ends :D

    1. Go all for it Dija! so happy to know it inspired you. <3

  2. A piece of art. I'm pretty sure the couple must really be enjoying the album and it sure will make the memory keeping more memorable. I love how you've inspired us to go on even if we don't have enough or the the right kind of stuff. Creativity indeed is free from bounds and once one gets in the groove it does speak volumes. :)

  3. This beautiful.Thanks for sharing

  4. what a gorgeous album... love the borders and the layout and the colours... evrything about it is beautiful

  5. lovely album Saba! there is nothing better than amazing feedback from clients! :)

  6. The white and gold is one of my favorite combos! Lovely album! ❤

  7. whole of the layout is so classy and elegant ! loved it <3

  8. This is sooooooo gorgeously gorgeous!!! You actually designed each page rather than using patterned paper! That's super cool dude! Awesome! Love it!

  9. Gorgeous album Saba...I just loved it


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