Saturday, March 3, 2012

Creative Block!

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Every one who is involved in creative work of any sort suffers a creative block at one point or another; incase you are wondering why I am writing about it, that is because I too am suffering from one at the moment :D.

So what is a creative block? well for me its the time when I can't get down to doing any project; just sitting there, trying hard to get something done, but the drafts don't look good enough, and 'something' seems missing.
The best way to solve a problem is to identify the problem, and then work to resolve it.
For me the creative block usually occurs when there is too much on my mind, too many ideas, stress, and looking to make things 'perfect'. Nothing looks good, and something seems wrong with everything.

So how do I handle it:
Divert The Mind: Change is good! There is no point spending hours or struggling with something when you know that you are stuck and there are no new ideas coming to you. New ideas do tend to flow when you engage in different activities. For me, its playing games :D I play a LOT of games and it works for me every time.

Look for Inspiration: Sometimes you just need inspiration to trigger the creativity, and inspiration can come from anything and everything. I gain inspiration for my projects from many unusual sources such as just browsing sites using 'stumble upon'...  cake decorations, interior decoration, upholstery, clothes, and even food! :D

Relax: At times just being close to nature just does the trick for me :). Just need to relax your mind, and free it from all the thoughts; I usually get most ideas while praying and exercising :)

I hope that this post helps you too.

Happy Crafting!

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