Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cross Stitch Projects

As I might have mentioned in my earlier posts, I have to do something creative on and off. Since the most recent project I did for myself was cross stitch based, I thought I'd share that along with a couple of other cross stitch projects that I like. I found the patterns for these online; but altered the colors to the ones I had.  

(Just FYI, sharing 3 projects here in reverse chronological order)

Project 3
Its a mug with a saucer, and I intend to convert this into a cushion. Don't know when that will actually happen, but that's the plan. It took approximately 2 days to complete.
I basically used shades of brown, purple and blue.
Michaels Project #e04442 source file 

Project 2
I always wanted to do alphabets with flowers, and so I finally did my name. I completed the below project about 2 years or so back. And it took me around a month to complete it, not because of its complexity but I was working at that point in time, and didn't get much time to myself. So I actually worked on this project when I was exhausted, or had something on my mind :)
This was meant to be a long rectangular cushion, but I miscalculated the size so there isn't much space left on the sides to stitch it. I think I'll just have it framed and use it as a wall hanging.

Colors were mainly blues, oranges, yellows and green.
(can't find the source for this one, will update as soon as find it)

Project 1
Out of the three, this was the one I started and completed first. Its a basket of flowers. Lots of colors and lots of details. Didn't take very long to complete, even though I was working at this point too, but for some reason this project went really fast.

Here is close up of the roses

Spring Basket source file

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