Monday, April 22, 2013

Miss You Already: Stitching Cardstock Project


There comes a time in our life when we need to move away from our near and dear ones due to several reasons. Just the thought makes our heart sink and we begin counting the days, hours, minutes and finally seconds to the goodbye, which, part of us hopes would be short lived. This was the thought behind "Miss you already". 

Now the technical aspect, this ladies and gentlemen is the first project where I've actually stitched the cardstock by hand. A kind of "ring binding" type stitch on the right and straight simple one on the left. Taking into consideration all the effort that went into stitching, I have proudly entered this project into "Challenge #218 Stitching" being hosted by MTTC.

A closer look at the stitches and the sentiment, which is hand stamped and cut. A beautiful organza bow with an embossed anchor button center. 

Ample space to write your heart out! because there is always lots and lots to say when we are missing someone. =D

Well, that just leaves one more thing to say ... Happy Crafting ;)


  1. Thanks a lot for taking time to visit my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I´m so happy to see your projects because they´re really FANTASTIC! I´m in awe of your talent and creativity. Will be back soon :). Regards Renata


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