Wednesday, December 19, 2012


So far December has been extremely inspirational with me wanting to constantly experiment with flowers. These roses were triggered by an order where the client wanted to embellish the favors with white flowers. I am self being extremely fond of white roses, was thus inspired to make some at 2 am last night (yes that is what happens when I get that creative urge :D )! for my ownself :)

I found this extremely wonderful freebie at Ellinee Journal which I used as the base of my project. I made some alterations to the template as I proceeded just to give the rose that 'look' that I found satisfactory. If my work inspires you to make some of your own, do share your creations with us!

The template has been posted by Lia as a PDF, so if you want to give it a try, hop on over there and give it a shot. These turn out absolutely gorgeous!  
*Please note that the template is for personal use ONLY*

Since I adore the end product I am sharing a few pictures with you all. I will be making more in red though; as soon as I have some time. But for now, enjoy!

Artistically placed at my work desk :D

And did I mention that these were really big! they are about 4" across and 2" high!

Beauties posing for a picture!

If you need any help on these, write in!

These are a must try so enjoy!
Happy Crafting!


  1. Such beautiful roses. Marvellous cards on your blog.

  2. love it...i also tried it they cme out wnderful....but how did u make it frm dese clrd nd i guess embossed paper cz i made it frm simple printer paper???

    1. its the same process Wardah -- made them the same way they are made with printer paper


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