Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Simple 3D Card

Peace be with you,
I'm blogging after a fairly long break; sincere apologies for that. Actually my love for working with different mediums led me to playing around with dough; (yes DOUGH) and guess what! my oven blew up :P

Coming back to today's post ...I wanted to create a card which was simple yet unique.

If you have had a chance to browse through the collection of cards posted on my facebook page, you would notice that the cards are not very heavily embellished. This time round too I have kept the theme very simple, added a 3D effect and used the white cardstock as the base for this card.

To avoid adding too much color, I stuck to shades of lilac on this. The darker shade has been added strategically to highlight and bring out the lighter color. If you look closely at the picture below you will notice that the outer petals are dark, while the center is lighter.
To add detail, the darker petals were outlined with faux silver stitching. The lighter petals are however done with embossed lilac cardstock; so the embossing seems like veins on the petals :)
This beautiful flower gives the card a 3D feel; (obviously, cause the flower is 3D :D ) made out of 13 petals. I will be doing a tutorial on how to make this flower in the coming week or two.

Next, some lilac rose buds and a bow were added to accentuate the flower and to give it a soft/warm feel. :)

I made the greeting look like it was written on a scroll...not exactly a scroll scroll... but just wanted to give it that look. This technique is very simple and easy to do. Just distress the edges of the cardstock, stamp the greeting in the desired color, and then carefully curl the edges using a quilling tool or your fingers. Once done just stick it where you want.

TIP: Plan the layout and embellishments before assembling such a card. We have worked directly on the cardstock base, so a slight error would ruin the entire card.

Happy Crafting :) 

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