Friday, August 26, 2011

Blog Design & Layout

Little did I realize that a week has gone by since my last post. I have been busy with the 'Keep Sake' box referred to in the earlier post and am over joyed to tell you that its 99% complete. Just need to get the fancy knobs in and then i'll be posting the pictures.

This post is dedicated to 'Saba's Craft Land' design. Since this blog is all about sharing creative work, I want to share the making of this blog with you.

I'm not too sure whether you can make it out, but the background is an image which I designed in Photoshop. The recommended image size is 1800 x 1600 pixels, but with a layout like this 1600 x 800 pixels serves the purpose well. I started off with a 1800 x 1600 pixel canvas, and used the following elements to embellish the it.
The theme is of a land inhabited by creative being :P (yes I am very imaginative :P ) 
The map signifies the Land,
The butterfly signifies Creativity & Freedom
The roses signify Beauty
(the posts signify the beings :P)

These three (/four) are, in my view, the essence of this blog. A place to share all creative work. The colors are soft so that they:
i. Don't distract the reader
ii. Don't overshadow the font 
iii. Give the reader a warm welcome :)
I have never really been fond of shades of pink but for some reason, since the past few months, whenever I design something its all either in the shades of pink, or PINK :P weird as that this, while designing the background and doing the roses I made a conscious effort to avoid using 'Pink'... BUT it still creeped in. Left it as is cause its looking nice... :D So the tip here is that neutral colors always give the best results.

Now for the layout. I used the templates provided by and edited a few things here and there... just to get the posts in the center, the 'blikies' and other accessories on the left and the details on the right. In deciding what goes where on your blog, stick to the standard, and keep it simple. The last thing you want is a frustrated visitor... and once frustrated, they surely won't stay on your blog long, nor will they consider returning :P

Lastly, why am I using blogger instead of wordpress...simply because as compared to wordpress, blogger gives me many more customization options. I do blog on wordpress too, and google works really well with wordpress, but this time round I have preference to blogger.

Oh! I forgot to mention the most unique feature; sticking to the theme we have 'Neighbors' and 'Family' instead of 'Networked Blogs' and 'Followers' :P

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