Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hey There!

Hello Fellow Craft-geek!

A very warm welcome to Saba's Craft Land; I'm Saba the first inhabitant of this amazingly creative and inspirational land, and so the proud owner of it too :D

I have tons of stuff to share with you, from my collection of craft tools, paper punches, embossers, card stock, to crafting techniques to finished products to tutorials and lots more. Oh, and you know what, some of the finished products are sold through my business page Favors & More.

So now that you are here, how about you tell me what brings you here? Tutorial search? or looking for some ideas? Scrapbooking? or inking techniques? or the desire to just be part of the craft family!?
Post your thoughts, join the family and start sharing all the love!

**Phew, its not easy doing all the work alone...
Alas! its all done! Saba's Craft Land is on the map.. yay!! keep visiting ...gets lonely without you!

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