Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby Booties Card

Peace be with you!

I must admit that I enjoy working on baby projects the most, and here is one of my recently completed projects. Its a 3.75" card done in pink and white and embellished with two mini booties :D
Most of the cards that I have done for babies either have prams on them or rattles; I wanted to do something different and challenging for this one though. And it looks so cute!

So before we get into the details here is what the completed card looks like :)

This is a fairly simple card to make, and the booties are the only challenging part :P... so the idea of adding cardstock booties was basically inspired by the booty favor boxes which were the 'IN' thing some time back. I found a template for these at "love bug scrapbooking", which I used as the source and worked on further to get the size that suited by project best. (Since the link to love bug scrapbooking is broken, you can download the template here. updated 31 Jan 2014. If you are still unable to access it, please let me know)

The booties I used on this baby girl card are no less than an inch. I had an option of whether to use paper or cardstock for doing these. Paper is definitely a lot easier to cut and mold BUT given that this is a card, which would surely be placed in an envelope and would go in many hands I wanted to ensure that the booties retain their original shape and therefore I used heavy cardstock (around 110). Since these were really small embellishing them was quite a task. To avoid making a mess, I added a bow to each and outlined it in silver. For the clasps I used puff paint. Once the booties were done the rest was fairly simple.

Layer the patterned paper as desired, and glue it on. If you do not have patterned paper of your own, you can always create some using stamps, paints, markers, crayons etc the options are endless. I made my own patterned paper for this project using acrylic stamps.

OK, so as you can see above the booties were placed on a dry embossed scalloped circle and embellished with organza and satin ribbon ... and Tada! you have a totally awesome card :)

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  1. I adore this card, especially the booties. I don't know how you got the idea. I luv the warm and soft pink shades and it's simplicity.



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