Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mini Book: Poem

One of my clients, a poetess, approached me for some colorful card ideas for her friend. After reading the poem, we decided on presenting it in a Mini Book, instead of a card. (I consider myself fortunate to have extremely talented clientele.)

I was provided with a beautiful picture and the poem which was to be used for this project. The picture captured the warmth of their friendship and I decided to use it as the cover. As this was supposed to be a colorful mini, black was used as the base to make the colors prominent. I took the liberty of heat embossing "Friends", in gold, on the spine.

Each page has a stanza printed on one side and ample space for journaling, or adding more photos on the other side. Other than that there are 8 colorful photo mats and tags included within.

The mini was packaged in a box.

Happy Crafting!

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