Friday, January 24, 2014

Keepsake: Vintage Drawers

Back in December 2013, I made some keepsake Vintage Drawer boxes which were inspired by Vintage Drawers. I've been wanting to post about them, since some time, and finally, now is the time.

The inspiration came, not from one particular piece of shabby chic / vintage furniture, but from the innumerable pieces, I've been obsessed with for a long long time.

 The drawer itself is made of heavy board, which was inked, layered and stamped. A small ribbon knob was added, using which the drawer is pulled out.

Each drawer was further embellished with a faux embroidered runner and doily. These were created by embossing vellum. A quilled vase, full of roses, was placed on each doily.

Tiny letters and envelopes (about 0.5") were inked, stamped, and, placed on some runners, while a rose with a pearl was placed on the others.  

I love how these turned out!  = )

Happy Crafting!

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