Sunday, May 11, 2014

Oh Baby!

Beautiful cloudy Sunday (minus the heat) to share one of my latest projects. Its a bright colored 6 inch x 6 inch Baby scrapbook done for an awesome client.

I've done Baby themed scrapbooks before but this one was particularly challenging because, firstly, the baby's gender was not known, and secondly it had to be bright. [For me working with bright colors is a challenge always :D] What helped, a lot, was the clients complete faith and trust in me.

The cover, I usually do in the end, but this time it was the first piece worked on. Lots of bright colors there which basically gave a preview of what will follow.

The Special Touches

Toe Tag Milestones

I designed and added in about 10 colorful tags for documenting those very important milestones.

Flipping Photo Mats

These are so cute! you pull on the base tag and the rest of them flip one by one. The photo holders or corners, as they might be called, are based on the events that follow birth. So the adhaan, the aqeeqa and all, are documented here.

The Tooth Chronicles!

There is a slot of every tooth that appeared and ... disappeared :D

The Complete Scrapbook

and here is the complete scrapbook

The client loved it,
hope you all enjoy it too!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Its really cute, Saba. Turned out super adorbs.Mashallah

  2. Hi Saba wow your albums are amazing!!!!! Gorgeous :)

    1. Thanks Vicki! love your super adorable cards :)


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