Monday, April 23, 2012

Supplies Tab Added

I've been really busy the past month, and therefore was unable to post the supplies end of March as committed...but the good news is that ..I have finally managed to post some of the supplies which I can share. I will be updating the supplies section on and off by adding new supplies and removing old ones. Many requests were received on for a range of supplies, please note that all requests have been noted and I'll try to get and share as many things as I possibly can :) and yes that does include distress ink, stamps, paper punches, mod podge etc etc. So keep those requests coming in so that I know what you are looking for, and organize accordingly.

All the supplies will be visible under the supplies what you want to
(will add a more efficient purchase option soon, please bare with this process for the time being)
I am in Karachi, so postage will be charged for those ordering from other cities.


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